Professionally Transfer 8mm cine film to HD digital, DVD or Blu-Ray this year

Rutland Productions use “Flashscan” frame by frame scanning technology in their 8mm cine film to HD digital transfer, rather than the ‘projecting on to an old white screen and recording’ technique.

Our professional process produces an extremely high-quality film transfer.


Find our prices below for 8mm cine film transfer to HD digital, DVD and Blu-Ray


Reel length

£15 per reel
(Approximately 4 minutes)


Reel length

£22 per reel
(Approximately 8 minutes)


Reel length

£28 per reel
(Approximately 12 minutes)


Reel length

£36 per reel
(Approximately 15 minutes)


Reel length

£44 per reel
(Approximately 18 minutes)


Reel length

£54 per reel
(Approximately 22 minutes)


Reel length

£70 per reel
(Approximately 30 minutes)


Reel length

£85 per reel
(Approximately 40 minutes)


Reel length

£98 per reel
(Approximately 50 minutes)


Reel length

£130 per reel
(Approximately 60 minutes)


Reel length

£155 per reel
(Approximately 75 minutes)


Reel length

£180 per reel
(Approximately 90 minutes)

Additional disk copies cost £10 each.

Please note that we have a minimum charge on each order of £40.00, plus P&P (£10.00 for up to 2KGs).

Turning your Standard 8mm and Super 8mm cine film into a cinematic experience.

We go the extra distance for our clients. Whether we are converting Standard 8mm or Super 8mm cine films to HD digital, DVD or Blu-Ray for you, or as a gift for somebody else, we make it a real joy.

Any other questions about Standard 8mm or Super 8mm cine film transfer to HD digital, DVD or Blu-Ray disk?

We are here to help, so if you have a question, please call us on 0208 397 5444 so that we can work with you to ensure that your cine film transfer is the best it can possibly be.

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