Superb transfer of 16mm cine film to HD digital, DVD and Blu-Ray.

16mm cine film is beautiful material – but it is also fragile and demanding to work with. Every time it was run through one of those ‘old school’ projectors the cine film itself picked up damage. This means that transferring 16mm to digital is a work of art. Our Flashscan machine can also transfer 16mm cine film with an audio soundtrack. We have interchangeable sound heads on our machine and can cater for Optical and Magnetic soundtracks.

At Rutland Productions we use the best hardware and software to ensure that your cine film transfers to HD digital, DVD or Blu-Ray as cleanly as possible.

Even before your 16mm film enters our MWA 16mm Flashscan production stage, we begin the process of making it look better. We hand inspect and repair damaged sections of cine film to create a seamless transfer from reel of film to digital product. We will create a real cinematic experience from your old cine film home movies.

Unlike some other film transfer services, we do not damage your film in the transfer process, so you get your original 16mm film back in as good a condition as you sent it to us, along with the HD digital, DVD or Blu-Ray containing the material we have transferred. Plus, we always add our professional expertise, gained from more than 35 years’ creative experience.

So, to summarise, our 16mm cine film transfer process is safe. It does not damage your film. Your project is handled with the utmost care throughout the transfer process and on completion all the original cine film, along with the finished 16mm cine film production is returned to you.


Costs for 16mm cine film transfer to HD digital, DVD and Blu-Ray


Reel length

£15 per reel (Approximately 2 minutes)


Reel length

£22 per reel (Approximately 4 minutes)


Reel length

£28 per reel (Approximately 6 minutes)


Reel length

£36 per reel (Approximately 8 minutes)


Reel length

£44 per reel (Approximately 10 minutes)


Reel length

£54 per reel (Approximately 12 minutes)


Reel length

£70 per reel (Approximately 15 minutes)


Reel length

£85 per reel (Approximately 20 minutes)


Reel length

£98 per reel (Approximately 25 minutes)


Reel length

£130 per reel (Approximately 30 minutes)


Reel length

£155 per reel (Approximately 40 minutes)


Reel length

£180 per reel (Approximately 48 minutes)


Reel length

£210 per reel (Approximately 55 minutes)


Reel length

£220 per reel (Approximately 60 minutes)


Reel length

£240 per reel (Approximately 70 minutes)

Additional disk copies cost £10 each.

Please note that we have a minimum charge on each order of £40.00, plus P&P at £10.00.

Digital films are supplied as 1080HD AVI and 1080HD MP4 files saved on either a USB memory stick or an external hard-drive device, supplied either by yourself or purchased on your behalf.

Any other questions about 16mm cine film transfer to HD digital, DVD or Blu-Ray disk?

We are here to help, so if you have a question, please call us on 0208 397 5444 so that we can work with you to ensure that your cine film transfer is the best it can possibly be.

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