8mm cine film – the future is Kodak


Thinking about producing the next viral video on YouTube? Seriously – you can do that. All you need, young or old, geek or granddad, is a 8mm movie camera and some film. The results could be astonishing. As evidence we give you Kishan Shrikanth, the world’s youngest film director. Not just any film, but a professional Bollywood feature-length film, entitled “Care of Footpath”, which he made when he was only nine years old. He also starred in it. At the other end of the scale, Manoel de Oliveira, born in 1908, who started making films in the 1920s and is still going strong. He premiered his most recent film, Gebo and the Shadow, in 2012.

But when everybody’s got a mobile phone and computer editing software, why choose to use a cine camera and film? One reason – Kodak. The world’s finest photographs, the world’s most beautiful films, the world’s greatest cinematography all come down to the superlative quality, adaptability and performance of Kodak film. Super 8 is the amateur film-maker’s cine film of choice.

Back in the 1960s Kodak launched its Super 8mm cine film format (Super 8) as the media for the next generation of home movie makers. Today it still serves as the proving ground for film students and enthusiasts who rely on it for several reasons:

1. Look and feel – Super 8mm cine film acts like proper film, it allows people to develop skills such as continuity, cut aways and sequencing.

2. Colour and depth – there is nothing like the resolution of Super 8, it offers a superb visual quality that is simply unmatched, regardless of the quality of digital recording. Super 8 renders like Hollywood film stock, so it allows anybody to get that wonderful cinematic feel to even the simplest recording.

3. Skills building – you can splice Super 8 like a real movie director! You can zoom in and out, use the wonderful reality of natural light, and discover the secrets of prioritising action by using the viewfinder. Nothing builds skills like working with 8mm cine film.

That’s why Kodak is still producing the film it developed in the 1960s – nothing has ever matched Super 8 for quality, performance and adaptability.

But do you have to invest in a projector, and a white screen and all that, just to view your movies? No.

Kodak Super 8 film can be transferred to DVD very simply, so our cine to DVD service allows you to have those masterworks transferred to formats that everybody can enjoy them on. Simply get the Kodak film processed normally and then send it to us, and whether you want cine film to DVD, or cine to Blu-Ray or cine to digital format, we can ensure that your gorgeous home-produced film is accessible in whatever format works for you.

And while you’re planning a bright future for the budding (or late blooming) film director in your family, why not consider some of your other loved ones? A truly special present is the gift of precious memories and Rutland Productions can transfer your old cine film, video or even 35mm slides to DVD, Blu-Ray or digital – with music and titles if you wish.

Just contact us on 0208 397 5444 to get started.

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